Imagine this: You walk into a retail store, the two salespeople you see are chatting and take no notice of you, there’s little to no signage, and you’re struggling to find what it is you went in to purchase. Maybe you do find your item, but there’s no one around to take your payment.

Your experience of that store in particular, and how you feel about the company in general probably isn’t going to be great. How you feel when you leave, and the experience you had, goes directly to the brand of the company and the store you visited.

Brands are important because that’s what gets transmitted to other users and customers – a company’s brand is only going to be as good as a user’s experience of their products and services.

The takeaway? Companies don’t make brands, users and customers do. Don’t believe us? See what our good friend and marketing expert Austin McGhie says in his book “Brand is a four letter word.”

Every experience a user has while using a web-based service, visiting an online store, interacting with a chatbot, or conversing with a smart speaker is going to directly and powerfully affect the brand of the organization.

This means that every user and customer experience must be as efficient and delightful as possible. The interfaces that drive the experiences must be intuitive, empathetic, patient, and most of all know when to get out of the way.

These are the kinds of experiences we design and build at Headset Labs. We look at everything from the user’s standpoint. We talk to customers; we work to understand the kind of experience a user wants or needs. Most of all, we work to simplify, because, in the world of UI/UX, a simple interaction is a good interaction.

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