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Coming to the discipline from the world of graphic design, I designed my first interfaces in the 90’s. It was a natural transition, requiring me to consider every pixel carefully. 

It was design over decoration, pure reductionism. There was no room (literally) for any elements that didn’t directly help users understand what was expected of them. The first interfaces I designed were for IBM, from there I worked with teams at Sun Microsystems, Hitachi, XeroxPARC, Cisco and more.

More recently I’ve been creating user experiences for both AI-powered and rules-based chatbots. I take a very similar approach regarding BI, use cases, flows, etc. but now, instead of visual design, I’m writing scripts that keep users engaged and comfortable with this new way of interacting with brands.


This doesn’t have to be hard

With 20+ years of experience I bring a ton of knowledge to every interface I work on. I know how to work with engineering teams, I know how to ask users the right questions and I know how to translate the answers into great user experiences.

"I have worked with Headset Labs on several projects and have always enjoyed great success. They have a deep understanding of how to engage people, combined that with an inventive, creative flair to develop unique and exciting UX solutions."
John Parkin
Product Management Leader Overstock.com
"Headset Labs has the depth and breadth of experience to know how a user will think about and interact with your product. To the user, your UI is your product. Having an experienced team like Headset Labs work with you makes your customer fall in love with your product instead of viewing it as just another utility."
Vijay Rao, CFA, FRM
Chief Investment Officer, Just Invest, Inc.
"We worked closely with Headset Labs to deliver an intuitive and stable help system for our clients. Everyone was a pleasure to work with, they listened carefully and executed perfectly, and on budget."
Steve Madeira
CTO, SynchroNet Marine, Inc.
"The people at Headset Labs are most definitely human, however many of their friends are machines. As a result, they’re really good at helping other humans like them communicate with machines. Our users sometimes struggled to communicate with their machines, no matter how much we tried to talk to both nicely. Headset Labs helped tame the machines and calm the users by building experiences that were simple and fast. And also quite beautiful. That’s what they do. They’re machine tamers. "
Gam Dias image
Gam Dias
CEO, First Retail, Inc.

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